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    On Ramp

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    5am can’t sleep wish I could do a drive

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    chill vid.

    i wanna hit up that second spot though. looks tasty!

    only comment i can say is, too many manjis. needs more gas pedal straight line then hard front brake and ebrake chills. man they are fuuuuuuuuuun. speed is rad. front brake smoke is rad. all is DAD

    When you eventually hit this spot you’ll understand. It takes some power to do the man line and on top of that, some serious balls. You gotta be cookin’ to make it and then get heavy on the brakes for that tight 90* at the end. Unless you are feelin ballsy it’s pretty unnecessary. the gap is a lot bigger than it looks in video. In the rain its easy to make but the dry is a challenge. There is a reason Cody Ross is so good. this spot is one of them.

    makin me miss my blue car. black car is basically together. I need to modify the hot pipe for t28 and its good to drive again. So thats cool. 

    also yea, the man line is pretty manly chris. it also shortens your session by 5 laps cause of uneven tire wear, and the burnout part, and tandeming is more fun there with the manji.

    you should come skid it though, its way fun and makes you good at driving.

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    This looks so rad from this angle, but probably is less fun to do than it looks.

    the mk3 in the back spinning out is me

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    He is so underrated

    dude’s way more insightful than people think he is.


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